Publication Delay

Update: All pre-orders and most contributor copies will be in the post by Friday, 4 June. Thank you again for your patience. – Brian

First of all, please let me apologise for the continued delay in shipping our three recent titles: The Fatal Move, Uncertainties 5, and The Green Book 17, which were supposed to have been delivered here in Dublin by our UK printed at the end of April.

The story briefly goes like this:

Delay #1: Printer broke down
Delay #2: Ran out of cloth for binding
Delay #3: Cloth needs more time to dry
Delay #4: I was informed I need an import number
Delay #5: Printer mistakenly bound in the wrong head/tailbands
Delay #6: Erroneously asked to pay import duty on VAT except items

At each of these delays I struggled no small amount to get the issue sorted. It’s taken me a week and a half to get these books out of customs. This is all mainly down to both Brexit and the printer in the UK putting down the wrong commodity code on the export paperwork. (I actually have to pay a new surcharge levied by the printer because of all the Brexit paperwork they need to fill out.)

So the good news is, the books arrived late this afternoon, despite the damaging hands of rough delivery.

What happens now? Well, I’m going to try to take off from work next week (I have a day job) so I can process your orders faster. I estimate it will take me a week and a half to get through everything and carry loads to the post office in batches (I don’t drive).

Please please please, I beg you, please don’t write to me asking if your book has shipped yet or to let you know when it does. I’ve quite a bit to juggle at the moment and such requests will slow me down in actually getting your book in the post as quickly as possible, which is my primary aim. And besides, knowing when your book was posted will not make it arrive any faster. On the other hand, if you’re going on holiday or something and want me to hold onto your book until you’re back to receive it, please let me know.

I’ve a lot of work ahead of me. Processing orders is an entire… well, it’s an entire process. I’ve got over 1,000 books here, each of which I need to first examine for defects, to weed out any that damaged or of lesser quality. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at what sometimes turns up. Take, for example, this copy of The Green Book 17, first out of the box, with torn pages. Then I have to emboss and hand number both The Fatal Move and Uncertainties 5, taking note of requests for certain numbers–as well as numerous other special requests such as tracking numbers. All this simply takes time and I will work through it as swiftly as time allows.

Again, I apologise for this horrendously long wait for these book. It is certainly not up to my own standards and I hope this does not reflect badly on Swan River Press. However, I fear it will not be until later in June that you’ll actually see your book(s) showing up in the post. If this proves to be an inconvenience to anyone (if a book was meant as a gift for an occasion that’s now long passed), please drop me a line and I’ll be happy to issue a refund in full. In the meantime, and much to my regret and dismay, in addition to this work I also need to find a new printer, preferably one within the EU, who can work up to the standards of quality and service we’ve come to expect.

On a more positive note, the new hardbacks are printed on heavier paper stock, and you can definitely feel this added weight in your hands. The boards of both are also printed on cloth binding, which I hope you will also like. And The Fatal Move‘s jacket is printed with a nifty metallic ink. So despite these delays, once you do get the books, I’m certain you’ll be pleased with them.

Thank you again for your continued patience.

Brian J. Showers
27 May 2021

Addendum: So I trundle into the post office today thinking, gosh, the hard part is behind me now. As it turns out, postal prices went up significantly as of yesterday. I will honour all pre-orders and absorb the extra costs, but the prices of our books may have to be reviewed in the near future. Once again you have my sincere apologies. I will do my best to come up with an affordable balance.

Publication Delay

Swan River Press Publishing Chronology

I’ve been spending the occasional odd moment assembling a Swan River Press bibliography. I started the press in 2003, so am getting to the point when I can no longer hold all the publishing details in my head. The bibliography (intended as a forthcoming publication) is meant as much a resource for me as I hope it will be of interest to readers, collectors, and bibliophiles. The book will contain my own notes on each publication as well as insights and reminiscences from authors, editors, and artists.

I think there’s a certain personality type that’s drawn to bibliographies; we possibly share some traits with list makers. Bibliographies can be highly personal things, how they’re compiled and arranged and organised. I love reading them and I love writing them. Bibliographies tell a different type of story than the ones we publish in our books. Bibliographies tell stories about the books and sometimes what happens off the page as well. If you’re of a sympathetic mindset, please leave a comment below. What information do you like to see in a bibliography? How do you like to see them arranged? Do you enjoy reading them as much as I do? Maybe you even consider yourself a serious Swan River Press collector? I’d love to hear from you all.

I’ll try to provide links to as many items as I can, though not every publication has it’s own page on the website, in which case you can find more information here (though you might have to scroll a bit to find the title in question). Or if you’re looking for The Green Book, then here.

In the meantime, I thought I would post this very basic publishing chronology. It doesn’t include any reprints or subsequent editions (although all those will eventually be noted in the bibliography). But this is the first time I’ve arranged all of the Swan River publications into chronological order. Reading between the lines, I can see the trajectory of my own life as well as the people and projects I have been privileged enough to participate in and publish. Sometimes it’s just good to take stock of these things, you know? For what it’s worth, I hope you enjoy this list.


001. The Old Tailor & the Gaunt Man (Oct. 2003)

———— Brian J. Showers


002. The Snow Came Softly Down (Dec. 2004)

———— Brian J. Showers


003. Tigh an Bhreithimh (Oct. 2005)

———— Brian J. Showers


004. No. 70 Merrion Square: Part 1 (Oct. 2006)

———— Brian J. Showers

005. No. 70 Merrion Square: Part 2 (Dec. 2006)

———— Brian J. Showers

006. On the Apparitions at Gray’s Court (Dec. 2006)

———— Peter Bell


007. Blind Man’s Box (Jun. 2007)

———— Reggie Oliver

008. The Red House at Münstereifel (Jul. 2007)

———— Helen Grant

009. Quis Separabit (Dec. 2007)

———— Brian J. Showers


010. Brutal Spirits (Feb. 2008)

———— Gary McMahon

011. Ghostly Rathmines: A Visitor’s Guide (Mar. 2008)

———— Brian J. Showers

012. The Nanri Papers (Aug. 2008)

———— Edward Crandall

013. The Seer of Trieste (Dec. 2008)

———— Mark Valentine


014. My Aunt Margaret’s Adventure (Jul. 2009)

———— attributed to Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

015. Thirty Years A-Going (Oct. 2009)

———— Albert Power


016. Four Romances (Jan. 2010)

———— Bram Stoker

017. On the Banks of the River Jordan (Mar. 2010)

———— John Reppion

018. Bram Stoker’s Other Gothics (Apr. 2010)

———— edited by Carol A. Senf

019. The Old Knowledge & Other Strange Tales (Sep. 2010)

———— Rosalie Parker

020. Extracts from Personal Reminiscences of Henry Irving (Nov. 2010)

———— Bram Stoker


021. Contemporary Reviews of “Dracula” (Jan. 2011)

———— introduction by Leah Moore and John Reppion

022. To My Dear Friend Hommy-Beg (Apr. 2011)

———— introduction by Richard Dalby

023. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: A Concise Bibliography (Jun. 2011)

———— Gary William Crawford and Brian J. Showers

024. The Ballads and Poems of J. Sheridan Le Fanu (Aug. 2011)

  ———— Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

025. Curfew & Other Eerie Tales (Aug. 2011)

———— Lucy M. Boston

026. Just Like That (Aug. 2011)

———— Lucy M. Boston

027. The Complete Ghost Stories of Chapelizod (Oct. 2011)

———— Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

028. The Definitive Judge’s House (Dec. 2011)

———— Bram Stoker


029. Ghosts (Feb. 2012)

———— R. B. Russell

030. Laura Silver Bell (Feb. 2012)

———— Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

031. Strange Epiphanies (Apr. 2012)

———— Peter Bell

032. Longsword (Jul. 2012)

———— Thomas Leland

033. Old Albert: An Epilogue (Sep. 2012)

———— Brian J. Showers

034. Selected Stories (Nov. 2012)

———— Mark Valentine


035. The Sea Change & Other Stories (Feb. 2013)

———— Helen Grant

036. The Green Book 1 (Apr. 2013)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

037. Written by Daylight (June 2013)

———— John Howard

038. Seventeen Stories (Oct. 2013)

———— Mark Valentine

039. The Green Book 2 (Oct. 2013)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers


040. Here with the Shadows (Feb. 2014)

———— Steve Rasnic Tem

041. The Green Book 3 (Apr. 2014)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

042. The Dark Return of Time (May 2014)

———— R. B. Russell

043. The Silver Voices (Jul. 2014)

———— John Howard

044. Dreams of Shadow and Smoke: Stories for J. S. Le Fanu (Aug. 2014)

———— edited by Jim Rockhill and Brian J. Showers

045. The Green Book 4 (Nov. 2014)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

046. Reminiscences of a Bachelor (Dec. 2014)

———— Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu


047. The Unfortunate Fursey (Mar. 2015)

———— Mervyn Wall

048. The Return of Fursey (Mar. 2015)

———— Mervyn Wall

049. The Demon Angler & One Other (Mar. 2015)

———— Mervyn Wall

050. The Green Book 5 (Apr. 2015)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

051. The Satyr & Other Tales (Jul. 2015)

———— Stephen J. Clark

052. The Anniversary of Never (Aug. 2015)

———— Joel Lane

053. Insect Literature (Oct. 2015)

———— Lafcadio Hearn

054. The Green Book 6 (Oct. 2015)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

055. November Night Tales (Nov. 2015)

———— Henry C. Mercer


056. The Green Book 7 (Mar. 2016)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

057. Earth-Bound and Other Supernatural Tales (May 2016)

———— Dorothy Macardle

058. The Pale Brown Thing (Jul. 2016)

———— Fritz Leiber

059. Uncertainties: Volume  I (Aug. 2016)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

060. Uncertainties: Volume II (Aug. 2016)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

061. You’ll Know What You Get There (Aug. 2016)

———— Lynda E. Rucker

062. The Green Book 8 (Nov. 2016)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers


063. Selected Poems (Apr. 2017)

———— George William Russell (A.E.)

064. A Flutter of Wings (Aug. 2017)

———— Mervyn Wall

065. The Green Book 9 (Sep. 2017)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

066. Old Hoggen and Other Adventures (Nov. 2017)

———— Bram Stoker

067. The Scarlet Soul: Stories for Dorian Gray (Dec. 2017)

———— edited by Mark Valentine

068. The Green Book 10 (Dec. 2017)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers


069. Death Makes Strangers of Us All (Feb. 2018)

———— R. B. Russell

070. The House on the Borderland (April 2018)

———— William Hope Hodgson

071. The Dummy & Other Uncanny Stories (May 2018)

———— Nicholas Royle

072. Sparks from the Fire (June 2018)

———— Rosalie Parker

073. Uncertainties: Volume III (Sep. 2018)

———— edited by Lynda E. Rucker

074. The Green Book 11 (Nov. 2018)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

075. The Green Book 12 (Nov. 2018)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers


076. Bending to Earth: Strange Stories by Irish Women (Mar. 2019)

———— edited by Maria Giakaniki and Brian J. Showers

077. Not to Be Taken at Bed-Time and Other Strange Stories (Apr. 2019)

———— Rosa Mulholland

078. A Flowering Wound (Jul. 2019)

———— John Howard

079. The Green Book 13 (Jul. 2019)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

080. “Number Ninety” & Other Ghost Stories (Aug. 2019)

———— B. M. Croker

081. Green Tea (Oct. 2019)

———— Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

082. The Far Tower: Stories for W. B. Yeats (Dec. 2019)

———— edited by Mark Valentine


083. Uncertainties: Volume IV (Feb. 2020)

———— edited by Timothy J. Jarvis

084. Lucifer and the Child (Apr. 2020)

———— Ethel Mannin

085. The Green Book 14 (Jun. 2020)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

086. The Green Book 15 (Jun. 2020)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

087. Munky (Jul. 2020)

———— B. Catling

088. Leaves for the Burning (Sep. 2020)

———— Mervyn Wall

089. The Green Book 16 (Sep. 2020)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

090. The Death Spancel and Others (Nov. 2020)

Katharine Tynan

091. Ghosts of the Chit-Chat (Dec. 2020)

———— edited by Robert Lloyd Parry


092. The Fatal Move (Apr. 2021)

———— Conall Cearnach

093. Uncertainties: Volume V (Apr. 2021)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

094. The Green Book 17 (Apr. 2021)

———— edited by Brian J. Showers

Swan River Press Publishing Chronology